Tiger the Great the Third, commonly known and referred to as The Third, formerly known as Yellow Devil, is a character and one of the main villains of the anime series Tiger Mask W. He is Tiger Den's current strongest wrestler and the most powerful wrestler in the series.

Biography Edit

He was one of the wrestlers who undergo an intense, brutal training in the 'Tiger Den'. Upon proving himself to be a great wrestler among the others, he was bestowed the mask of "Yellow Devil". At the end of March 2013, he brutally injured his opponent Daisuke Fuji and left him paralyzed and unable to wrestle. Moments later after his match, he approaches Takuma Fuji, Daisuke's son, who is outraged by his actions aganst his father, he proceeds to easily overpower the young man, he then tells him to 'get stronger' by joining the Tiger Den. Years later, in 2017, he has proven to be the strongest wrestler in the Tiger Den, given the honor to wear the mask that signifies the pride of Tiger Den, the mask of Tiger the Great, he came back to the world as Tiger the Third. He proceed to easily win the GWM World Heavweight Championship and successfully defend it. 

Abilities Edit

The Third is considered as the strongest wrestler in the Tiger's Den, overall, the Third is the strongest wrestler in the series so far, performing moves and feats that are almost impossible for wrestlers to do such as easily lifting Bigfoot above the air effortlessly and delivering a German Suplex that ended the match rather quickly, lifting an unnamed wrestler above his head with one arm and slamming him to the ground, and shaking the entire wrestling ring with just a single punch. He was able to lift Blackout over his head and delivers a high jump piledriver effortlessly (while it took everything both Kevin and Takuma has to barely lift him off the ring). He is also a fast wrestler, capable on moving at amazing pace despite his monstrous built, and like his grandfather before him, he is a fierce fighter, most of his wrestling moves are basically power-based.

Finisher Moves Edit

Sacrifice- The Third's current finisher, this move is a best example of display of his strength, when his opponent is on the mat, the Third will put them in a Figure-Four position and lifts them above the mat and above him, he jumps in mid-air and drives them down to the mat, then he pushes forward, either by injuring them scarcely or him down to submission, whatever his Sacrifice may lead, the result is devastating injuries to his opponent.

Moves Edit

  • Killer Moves
    • As Yellow Devil
      • Devil's Crush (Avalance Moonsault Side Slam Driver)
    • As Tiger the Great the Third
      • Sacrifice (Cloverleaf lift Jumping Powerbomb)
  • Signature Moves
    • Devil Tornado (Spinning Knife Edge Chop)
    • Vertical Suplex

Championships Edit

  • GWM World Heavyweight Champion (As Tiger the Great the Third)
  • GWM Pacific Champion (As Yellow Devil)